Most frequent questions and answers

Our specialized small batch canning methods that my Tutu and I perfected over the years ensure the texture and integrity of the ahi is preserved. Tinned Tuna often needs mayonnaise because it is overcooked in large batches.  By adding local ingredients such as limes, ginger root or Hawaiian chili pepper, our process only enhancing the delicate flavor of the fish.

If you’re not going to eat it right away you should remove the band from the jar and keep it in the box in a cool dark pantry.

We encourage you to eat yours right away, but it is a wonderful delight to see how the curing process enhances the fish. Much like fine wine, curing the jars is amazing. In Spain cans are kept for 5, 10, even 15 years and are considered delicacies. Buy two and see if you can keep it in your pantry that long!

You should always check ALL CANNED GOODS before eating. The top of the lid should be slightly concave, bending inward. When you press on the lid, there should be no movement. If not, throw the jar away immediately and do not eat.

Yes that is normal. The canning process slow cooks the ahi, because of that the natural fats and juices from the fish come out very slowly in beads, and form those round dots. They disappear or blend into the ahi when you break up the filet or flip the jar onto a plate.

Yes, replace the lid and band and refrigerate after opening.

The Nīoi pepa is a very spicy variety, close to a habanero on the Scoville scale.  However, the recipe was designed so you can choose mild to very spicy.   If you prefer just a hint of spice, remove the whole pepper before flaking the filet.  If you prefer it really hot, remove the stem and break up the pepper in the jar with the ahi. 

Absolutely!  Ahi is packed with Vitamin B, omega fatty acids and our jar has 25-30 grams of protein.  According to the American Heart Association olive oil is the most healthy fat because its mostly monounsaturated and it is the only fat that contains high levels of antioxidants known as polyphenols.  

Yes!  We make this product in a certified kitchen where there is never cross contamination of gluten, wheat, soy, or tree nuts.

Yes!  Nothing in our artisan small batch jars is GMO.

We recommend gently breaking up the steak into flakes, use a fork to place on plain crackers, nori squares, slices of cucumber or lettuce leaf.  Go to our recipes page for more details. Follow us or subscribe to the newsletter to see innovative and tasty ways to enjoy our delicious gourmet canned ahi.

`Ekahi ahi is a healthy and nutritional snack.  Complimented with a well rounded diet of vegetables and healthy proteins and fats, it should not cause you to gain weight.